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It shall be mounted into a four-phase busbar trunking euro-DIN by a multi-function adapter.


Die-casting aluminum case. The power unit is made as a separate remote unit.The Lamp is rotational

Optical Part

The light surface is made of optical safety polycarbonate .Bean angle is 60 degree


Products are widely used for stores,work places, car shows,jewelry shops,hotels,top grade clubs,chain stores,lobbies,showcases,bars etc accent lighting place. It is the ideal light lamp to replace traditional halogen tungsten lamp and halogen lamp

Additional information

"1. LED track light adopt the LED as light source, which is cold light source, no radiation,no heavy metal pollution, pure color,high luminous efficiency, low strobe, green and energy saving.Common halogen track light uses halogen lamp as light source, which has high heat and radiation when working. Besides, it must be handled very carefully, or will pollute the environment. 2.One typical feature of LED track light is energy saving. For the same luminance LED track light and common halogen track light, the power consumption of LED track light is only 40%~60% of halogen one, good energy saving effects. 3.The lifespan of NLCO LED pendant light is 50000 hours at least, while the common lamp lifespan is 8000 hours only. 4. LED pendant light with elegant appearance and top grade quality, which is the first choice of commercial lighting. "



Technical Characteristics

Characteristic White Warm Neutral
Brightness (Lumens) 204017002040
Capacity (Watt) 17
Сolor temperature (K)5200-55002900-32003900-4200

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