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LED grille light is widely used for stores,work places, car shows,jewelry shops,hotels,top grade clubs,chain stores,lobbies,showcases,bars etc accent lighting place. It is the ideal light lamp to replace traditional halogen tungsten lamp and halogen lamp

Additional information

"1. Energy saving: only 10% power consumption of same power filament lamp, ever more energy-saving than flourescent lamp. 2.Long lifespan: LED light source"s duration is 50000 hours, longer than flourescent lamp and filament lamp. 3. Enable frequent on &off: LED lifespan is calculated by working hour rather then the on-off times, which has absolute advantage in places need to turn on and off the light frequently. 4. Low heat emission: many 220V downlight will broke because of the heat emission. Though the heat emission of 12V halogen spot light is less than 220V spotlight, its brightness is less than nominal value result from low transformer power. However, LED spot light can work for a long time without a transformer. 5. Environmental lighting : no mercury, no radiation. "



Technical Characteristics

Characteristic White Warm Neutral
Brightness (Lumens) 230020002200
Capacity (Watt) 36
Сolor temperature (K)4900-52002900-32003900-4200

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