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The lamp shall be mounted into the ceilings "Armstrong" or ceiling gypsum board.


Round aluminum case( the standard color" white"), The power unit is made as a separate remote unit.

Optical Part

The light surface is made of optical safety polycarbonate.The angle of light is 60 degree


Widely used for stores, factories, offices, hospitals etc indoor lighting, as well as furniture stores, showroom, galleries etc commercial lighting.

Additional information

"1.LED downlight features: maintain the unitary and perfection of building, concealed installation, invisible light source, no glare, soft and uniform visual effect. 2.Energy saving: only 1/4 power consumption of common energy saving lamp at same luminance. 3.Environment friendly: do not contain leaded,mercury etc pollution elements. 4.Economy: less electric charge, and earn the lamp cost in one and half year. 5.Low carbon: reduce the carbon emission by saving the power 6.Long lifespan: more than 50000 hours, duration is 20 years by using 6 hours every day. "



Technical Characteristics

Characteristic White Warm Neutral
Brightness (Lumens) 204017002040
Capacity (Watt) 17
Сolor temperature (K)5200-55002900-32003900-4200

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