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  • China Plans to Set Up LED Patent Alliance

    The Guangdong Solid State Lighting Industry Innovation Center (GSC) recently announced plans of establishing a LED patent alliance in China during a talk at LED business patent management forum in Guangdong Province, according to a recent report from Chinese-media Intellectual Property News.

  • More than 100 Billion RMB of Shenzhen’s LED Output Value in 2013

    According to the statistic, LED industry in Guangdong Province’s output value had reached 281 billion RMB in 2013. The Value is number two among the Guangdong Eight Strategic Industries, and with the top speed to zoom up.

  • Commercial Office Lighting Audit: Top Five Reasons Building Owners and Operators Should Seek a Professional Assessment

    Building owners and operators are becoming increasingly aware of the impact lighting can have on energy costs and the way it can contribute to savings. But the best lighting technology for each application must first be identified before maximum savings can be achieved.

  • Architectural lighting for modern tall structures.

    The basic element of a modern tall structure is glass. A lot of glass.Such kind of a structure may become quite a challenging object for an architectural lighting designer.

  • LEDs – 46% market share by 2020

    According to Pike Research LEDs are going to take a more and more significant market segment. By 2020 LED lamps will take circa 46 % of $ 4.4 bln lamp market (office, manufacturing and outdoor sectors). Despite good start for LEDs, Pike Research study proves that there are still economic and technical drawbacks.

  • LEDs come into the limelight

    LED technology is known as one of the most effective. LEDs are twice as energy-efficient as luminescent lamps and 10 times – as incandescent. The working life of an LED is about 50 000 hours. That is 50 times more than that of an incandescent lamp. Another benefit of LEDs is that they are ecologically friendly: they don’t contain mercury, lead and other poisonous components. Light flux usage degree for LEDs is 100%, while the one for traditional lights is 60—75%.

  • LEDlights: 30% of lighting market by 2014

    According to LEDinside platform observation 2009 world lighting market reached c. 73 bln USD. However, the LED share is just 2.4 bln which is appr. 3.3% of the market.