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Company profile

The New Light Company is a part of the largest company grouping ATRON in the Ryazan region, Russia. The Company Group ATRON is the local industry, which includes different spheres: the hotel chain, retail- and office center, shopping malls, food-service companies, supermarkets, the aqua-club, the chain of beauty salons and fit clubs. Also there are 4 huge directions: door locking facilities, cash register equipment Atron, contract manufacturing of electronics and metal working, LED lighting systems NLCO (New Light, LLC).

New Light, LLC has two factories in Ryazan city, Russia and Foshan city, China. The total area of Russian plant is 120 000 square meters, as for Chinese plant it is 5000 sq.m. The total number of employees at the Russian factory reached more than 2000 people, Chinese factory - 300 people.

New Light, LLC in order to expand the company size and pushes the term NLCO, has opened branches in Turkey, Germany, and China.

Shenzhen NLCO Technology Co., Ltd. is a branch of New Light, LLC. The main purposes of NLCO Company are domestic and oversea sales. NLCO Company uses head office product's development, design, technology, also uses it's sales concepts, after-sales service experience for implementation the uniform policy of the company, and for gaining the trust of more and more customers from all over the world. Shenzhen NLCO Technology Co., Ltd. is looking forward to work closely with You.